The Seven Disclosures

The Seven Disclosures





  • You are the Universe and Universe is you. You were everywhere connected with universe. The Earth alone is not sufficient for your survival. For nstance, air and sunlight do not belong to the earth, if they did; the earth itself is not separate entity but a part of the universe. Thus, watching universe is equal to watching yourself.


  • You are the Universe and the Universe is you. You do not exist on the earth by the earth alone, but you need sunlight too and the sunlight comes from the sun, which has no existence without Milky Way Galaxy, which has no existence without other galaxies, which has no existence without the universe.


  • Even Supreme Being cannot go against the law of nature. It is not possible for Supreme Being to kill himself at the same time alive.


  • When you are perceiving things(obviously through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin and mind) dissolve yourself into it and you start losing yourself bit by bit which eventually reach you to the state where you find emptiness- but at the same time you’ll find an objective observer or recognizer of the emptiness*IT* is real *YOU*.


  • Mind is divided into seven segments- imagination, decision, positive, negative, emotion, intellect and courage. 


  • What is the secret of harmony and cooperation? Do not argue but rather respect other’s opinions. But how about if they were really stupid with obvious stupid thoughts? Accept them as stupid but do not reveal that they are stupid. 


  • The universe and everything is neither positive nor negative, neither good nor bad but simply just a neutral- except the beings that have will. Thus the bad is only the absence of good as the darkness is only the absence of light.