Press Conference 2

Press Conference 2


The expedition was arranged by the CEO of Himalayan Legend Trek Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Gyalzen (Sangam) Sherpa whereas the financial arrangement-help was supported by Kumari Bank Limited. Furthermore, astonishingly, Supreme Master has mentioned his forthcoming program to stay on the top of Mt. Everest meditating and praying for the living beings for 72 hours which will take place in the future anywhere from between 3 to 7 years from now.


His Holiness Supreme Master Godangel was born on March 30, 1981 in a small village known as Mainamaini-2 Maangten in Udayapur district. People have witnessed his miracles like placing the spiritual flags for world peace in the middle of some deep lakes throughout Nepal and India. He has meditated in various locations since early childhood, which is the reason why he is also known as “Baaltapaswi.” He had foreseen some of the sad historical events and predicted the Royal Massacre of Nepal and The attack on the Twin Towers of USA. The prediction of the Royal Massacre had led him to imprisonment. Supreme Master Godangel, who firmly believes Love to be the only path to peace, is also the person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional power of Lovism. He is The Patron Saint of Heavenly Path or Nirvana Path. He is the divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of God is expressed.


He has visited more than 6 dozen countries spreading Lovism and the Visions of the Divine. Owing to steady travels and a lot of struggle, Heavenly/ Nirvanik Path has been founded in different sects in various countries like India, Bhutan, Hongkong, Canada, UK, USA, Russia, China, Burma, France, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, etc and is still in the process of expanding its wings of Lovism throughout the world.


Heavenly Path/Nirvana Path envisions life both spiritually and physically. It is not a religious organization. Religion has brought forth conflicts resulting in wars across the world. Science is destroying more in the process of creating and discovering, similarly Politics, instead of teaching discipline, teaches corruption. There is no such place on earth where we can breathe at peace. Heavenly path is neither about cupidity nor about gathering people; but rather a pure spiritual and mystical path in which all religions and living things can fit in easily. A humble saying of Nirvana Path is that, 'unless Lovism accompanies everything, peace will never prevail.'



A quotation by Supreme Master Godangel says: “If peace is a tree, Love is its roots.” That is why we all should consider Love on everything. This is the whole concern of Lovism. Hence, SMG focuses on love the most of all. The long hours of miraculous meditation and prayer on top of Mt. Everest were also inspired by Lovism.

To talk a little bit about the prayer and meditation on top of the world, SMG briefly comes out of his meditation and said: “I prayed and meditated (in Tapasya) on the world’s tallest peak sending a message and hoping that all human beings may yield Love in their hearts, because Peace cannot be attained without Love. Peace is handicapped without Love.”

If we want to embrace the spiritual facts then we must also honour and admire the miraculous work by SMG. This miraculous event, dedicated to all living things by a spiritual leader, must be informed to the world, and we think it is a duty of our journalists to spread the word. We should note that being a Nepali Spiritual Leader, he has also made our nation proud with his generous and kindest work and teachings.