Press Conference 1

Press Conference 1


                                                            Press Release

Respected Journalist friends,         

                                                                                                                                                  Date: 2011/05/31


Ever since the world history was recorded in 1953 when Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir. Edmund Hillary climbed the top of Mount Everest; there has been numerous records set one after another. Some unique expeditions were for personal interest, whereas some representing organizations, race, country. Some of the people whose job is to climb the Everest have set various records as well. The circle of making and breaking the world records have been going on since then and will continue in the future. In the middle of numerous expeditions, on May 20, 2011 (Jestha 6) a new event has added to the history of Mt. Everest Expedition.


Representing the banner, “Prayer, Meditation and Requesting for The World Peace on The Top of The World by Supreme Master Godangel,” the Patron Saint of Heavenly Path/Nirvanapath, Swami Baal Tapaswi Satguru Omnanda Supreme Master Godangel, left Kathmandu for the Everest base camp on April 9, 2011. And surprisingly, Master climbed the highest peak and remained on the peak for a total of 32 hours out of which he meditated for 27 hours and prayed for the world peace and for the welfare of all living things on earth and beyond, adding up the newest fact in the history of the Everest expeditions.


On May 20, 2011, His Holiness Supreme Master Godangel reached the summit of Everest at 4:33 AM and remained on the top until 1:00 PM the next day (May 21, 2011) followed by returning to the base camp.While on the top, SMG used the oxygen (mask) for 11 hours only. The remaining hours were spent on meditation without oxygen. While descending from the top, SMG reached the base camp within 6 hours 20 min, which is in itself a new record in the history of Everest expedition as nobody has reached the base camp within this short period of time frame till now.


This news has been posted in various NEWS sites online about which we are already aware of. His Holiness underwent this tremendously dangerous, life-threatening process of climbing and remaining on the top of the world for so long, risking his own life was neither for his own self interest nor for any organizations, and not even for setting any new world record, name or fame, but for the welfare of humanity and all other living creatures on earth and beyond. This miraculous event is just a small portion of Supreme Master’s Path of Meditation and the sign of loving-kindness.



His Holiness is still continuing with the meditation and will further continue for 3 more months. Due to the reason given above the rally or any kind of welcoming program did not take place when he returned back to Kathmandu from the mysterious expedition. After the meditation period is over a program is going to be held at Dharan, Sunsari Nepal at the presence of the Honourable President of our country, Nepal. This event is going to take place on Bhadra 10 at Dharan. During the program, we will listen to some blessing words by SMG as well.

Along with His Holiness Supreme Master Godangel, there were other members in the climbing Team: Mr. Gyalzen Sherpa, Mr. Daanuru Sherpa, and high altitude shooter Mr. Purna Kumar Sherpa. The news release from Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has already approved of the successful expedition by all mentioned above. Different NEWS agencies have released the news already. 

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