Pasang Sherpa (Asst. Cook)

Pasang Sherpa (Asst. Cook)



Experience of Pasang Sherpa / Base Camp Cook Assistant


“I feel miracles around GuruHajur all the time.”

“I feel much lighter when I am around GuruHajur.”


“GuruHajur saved our Korean Chelee while she fell on the extreme vertical hill and went down on the 100 degree of  steep down. It made me believe that GuruHajur does not care about himself but gives his whole life for another.”


“I think that GuruHajur flew to save Korean Chelee, how would it be possible otherwise.”


“I was very scared when Master was walking on the lake covered up with ice, anytime ice could have broken and Master could have drawn. But he has power. How would it have been possible to walk on the such dangerous lake otherwise?”