Reciting and Feeling of Nishuee    - Supreme  Master Godangel

   The Nishuee is the one that have been existed from before the earth was created. Nishuee includes the sounds of creations, includes the sounds that were there before a human being or any animal came into existence; Therefore, it is very clear to say that Nishuee had existed already far before the Vedas materialized and any other scriptures popped out. Now the point is whether the Nishuee is the conclusion of all religious scripts, scriptures but it is more than that. it is more than the conclusion point of the scriptures that have ever existed on earth.

It is the true spiritual philosophy, not written by any human being not manipulated by anyone. It describes the universe, King of Mystery, mysterical phenomenon of life, purpose, etc. Rather than showing that God is cruel like in Bible, rather than ridiculing itself by claiming that God is the fornicators like in Hindu Purans, rather than instructing to violate the other's rights and freedom like in Quran, it is pure spiritual that describes the true nature of the King of the Mystery rather than creating or presenting him as people's fantasy. Nishuee definitely and eternally of the pure spiritual sounds thus it can be called the true spiritual conclusion. So, there is quite different in saying that true spiritual conclusion and conclusion of the religious scriptures. If the scriptures are not sincere or pure than the conclusion of the scriptures also can subject to trap into an error.

Therefore, to avoid that danger and telling the true nature of Nishuee, it should be called the true spiritual conclusion. In that way since all the religious scriptures center point is spiritual, God, therefore it can be called the True Masterpiece of all scriptures.

Nishuee can be recited in seven different ways but just try to feel when you are reciting. Try to feel the sound, words, and the rhythm within you. Here are the keys: If you are really feeling Nishuee you would feel that you are flying into the sky when you are reciting the Nishuee you would feel that you are not on Earth but somewhere else. Your body will be moving here and there as if you have lost the balance.

Some of the yatris (travelers) feel shaking also sometimes while reciting Nishuee. Makes your tear goes down and sometimes you feel like you are in paradise. You can feel different waves and feel not only outer sense but within you. Within you very parts can be applied to describe the Universe as well - but let's not touch that part now. In brief, while reciting Nishuee you would feel different yourself. So just try to make your voice that way after a while you don't need to keep the rhythm but it will automatically lead you to the appropriate rhythm. When you lose yourself into Nishuee, Nishuee itself will become the guider for you so as to how to recite Nishuee in proper manner. However, by practicing it will certainly come to the point where you will feel so easy and wonderful.