Nepal Earthquake - HHMG visit to Sindhupalchok

Nepal Earthquake - HHMG visit to Sindhupalchok

April 28th, 2015 HHMG visited Bhimtar VDC, Sindhupalchok-2 district, which was one of the worst hit areas during the 7.9 richtor scale earthquake that went on April 25th, 2015. HHMG and the Heavenly Path relief team found no presense of Governmental or non-Governmental agencies there to help. Victims were found without any relief materials even 3 days after the earthquake. VDC office was clueless of the extent of the disaster and the relief workers were returning back even before reaching the actual affected areas. Also, there was no presence of journalists for media coverage. Apart from lack of foods, shelter, and clothes; earthquake victimes were also having hard time cleaning up the dead livestocks, such as cows.


We, Heavenly Path organization, is trying to collect even a small amount of donation to help these victims when the country is in need of help. We have been trying to ease the situation by supplying relief materials and also providing healthcare facility. We would like to request to all of you to provide anything you can to make it successful. 


To collect donation, please call the following volunteers:


Keshar Shrestha - 9844666773

Bimala Tamang - 9818712989

Henkhama Songmen - 9851133137

Ashish Rai - 9860671021


~Heavenly Path Family