MAY 20

MAY 20



Angel Ravi Khaling Rai, has reported that as per the interest of Supreme Master Godangel, the construction of "Aakhanda Deep" and "Aakhanda Jal" is being carried out by a team of yaatris of Heavenly Path India. This construction is going on in Nandugaon, South Sikkim and is expected to last for 1 year. This place is going to be one of the holy shrines for Heavenly Path Yaatris in the coming future. The team has been working day and night in the area, giving their best they can.


On behalf of all other yaatris throughout the world, we thank the team for their hard work and dedication and effort in trying to bring things together. Their hard work will be highly paid off and God bless all those involved in the construction.


For more pictures please check the media- photos tab in album "Aakhanda Deep."


Sewangmee! Jai Prem!