Karma Sherpa - PART 6

Karma Sherpa - PART 6


Master reaches the Base camp

Not stopping even at Camp 2, (according to Indra and base camp members) Master headed directly towards the base camp and he reached there at 7: 20 PM on the 21st of May.


Later the 21st of May, I came down to the Camp 2. Eventually, we were all together at Camp 3: Rinjai Sir who could not climb up the camp 4 there up, Indra Sir the camp 2 cook, Danu Sir and me. On the 23rd of May, we all together came down to the base camp. Some minutes after having reached the base camp, GuruHajur called us Danu and me inside the Kitchen Tent.


Master starts thanking us for setting up the Tent. And said, look I am in Silent meditation thus could not speak. But since today we are going to have a lot of people coming up here to see me, I will speak a bit and explain the purpose of the accomplished Tapasya. Master again thanked us with a great appreciation and gratitude. I felt quite ashamed. Actually, we were to thank Master for staying in such a long altruistic and selfless Tapasya for all living creatures including for us; but it was too late to do so.


Master says that he stayed about 7 hours or so on the Top of the World without TENT, and sometimes he stayed inside the Tent and sometimes just above the Tent where a small place was available to sit for. Master said, the Tapasya was completed.  He said that he did not need oxygen anymore after being in Tapasya there for about 11 hours with oxygen. (The people who brought down the Tent and Master’s recorder informed us that there were about 6 bottle of unused oxygen.  Which means that Master used only a couple of bottle of oxygen - perfectly matching Master’s timeframe that he used oxygen only for 11 hours). And last sentence before he kept silent was - all living creatures may find peace and joy. Master starts the Silent Tapasya again. I saw his face was being showered and revered by the tears. Finally, GuruHajur in his silent Tapasya hugs us. Wow! We did it, I felt. Wow! What a Great Master, I thought! Smile and the tears were my gift to the Master at that moment. In response, Master's brilliant smiley face was continually showering with TEARS. I think tears were saying, "I love you all and want to live for you, and ready to die for you."


Thank you,        


By Korean Chelee(A Team Member - reached up to the Base Camp)

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