Karma Sherpa - PART 5

Karma Sherpa - PART 5


This phrase brought us of extreme joy. Who could have been there from our team that could not be happy after listening to Master? It ensured us that Master was alive and in good condition.


The second round of the instruction from Sangam Sir the CEO surfaced right after the voice was gone out of the background. “Please Danu and Karma you have to go up to bring the Master down. Please be quick, quick and quick." After a bit of gap, Master again resounds, I think he knew somehow that what the situation was going on. “Nirvanapath, Nirvanapath base camp!” “SMG we are here. Please go ahead SMG,” replied Sangam. “This is the final words I am speaking. Please do not worry about me. I am perfectly fine. I will be home soon. And no any effort needs to be employed to rescue me or take me down.  I am constantly in Tapasya; thus, disturbance should not happen at this moment. I am perfectly fine.” Sangam asked, “SMG who are you with?” “GOD” Master replies.


The moment of Relief                                                            

Understanding the perfect signal of GuruHajur, Sangam again called us via radio that we had been using for quite a lot by then. “I have just talked with Master; accordingly, you don’t need to do anything for SMG. He will come down on his own, please do not disturb SMG. He is still in Tapasya.”


While all these moments were happening - I think most of us were like in Dream. But also voices were being engorged into the hearts very attentively. I truly believe that the most attentive time throughout the journey or expedition was the time of the event that was happening over this time: the voice of the MASTER.


After this voice, I think all, especially I and Danu the responsible as the main climbing Sherpas were very relieved. I think we felt asleep then. Accordingto CM, the cameraman Master came down to the Camp 4 where we were, at around 3: 20 to 25 pm. It means the master came down to the Camp 4 approximately in 2 hours and 20 - 25 minutes. The Camp 4 Tent, under which I and Danu were, was set up a bit far from the main WAY. The Tent under which CM was, was set up nearer to the WAY. It may be one of the other reasons why we missed the Master coming down, very unfortunate for us. But to his luck, CM could see Master. According to CM Master did not speak a word but rather communicated with the hands (sign language).


Secondly, Master was seen by Indra Sir who was the camp 2 cook. He saw master at around 5: 15 - 25 pm. Master must have been seen by lots of people on the way but the people were strangers to GuruHajur; thus, they would not give attention to Master. People are very tired while climbing up. To move one step further is a grant challenge: thus, rather than taking care of themselves who could give even a slightest notice to anybody? Sherpas are often busy in taking care of their climbers and their equipments, the climbers are busy in taking care of themselves with the unfamiliar rope where anytime death can come, just Death is 5 minutes away.