Karma Sherpa - PART 4

Karma Sherpa - PART 4


Now the undesired moment:

We are to leave GuruHajur behind and the time is now. Danu Sir is saying something about his feelings for the last time, right at the moment, CM sir popped up. I am exceptionally surprised that how GuruHajur was right in his prediction that CM sir would arrive before we would leave.


Upon CM's arrival, I remembered just the past moments when Danu and I were being requested that we wait for the Sun to shine, and wait for CM to arrive so that the freezing coldness would fade away, and so that CM too would join us to set up the Tent. WOW!!! I want to repeat:


GuruHajur had requested for a couple of times that we be there with the thick gloves on our hands waiting for the sun to shine and wait for the Cameraman, CM to come. It shows love and kindness of GuruHajur. Did we agree with GuruHajur? Yes, but I think we did not obey him enough! If we had obeyed him it would have been much easier I believe. But in the hope of finishing up soon and running down to a bit lower place with lower altitude to save the toes and fingers, we continually worked there to set up the Tent. But it was counterproductive as I have realized now!


About CM sir

You know one thing, one of the most bitter moments was not to have CM sir who had cameras, there on the TOP when we reached. Thus, sadly although we were there on the TOP with GuruHajur we could not imprison ourselves into the Cameras while being blessed by GuruHajur. We have many pictures taken on the TOP in the past, but the climbing of this time was especial, the most unforgettable, the most memorable, the most adventurous and the flash of luckiest. (However, after we came down Master and CM went up to the Top again and have been able to take the pictures, wonderfully).

After CM arrived, in a matter of minutes we left the Venue: GuruHajur and CM sir behind. I do not know what happened thereafter! But it was around 8:30 am or so while we were leaving.


Both of us came down to the South Cold (Camp 4). Thank God nothing happened to our hands and toes. Thank God, we are alive! But what about GuruHajur who is to stay there for 27 hours? While thinking about GuruHajur being alone on the Top, I felt pain in my heart severely. Somehow, although I knew that GuruHajur has power to save himself, I was deeply worried. Being Top of the World for that long ----it is toooooooooo dangerous. Death is indeed just 5 minutes away on the Top of the world. Within 5 minutes of not having oxygen for instance results in Death. Within 5 minutes, a person has a good chance of losing his hands and toes due to the harshness and relentlessness of frostbiting.



Despite of all these facts, Master undoubtedly stayed on the Top for (32:30) half and thirty two hours!!!!!!!!  27 hours in TAPASYA!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Really Unbelievable!!!!!! Really Unbelievable!!!!!


Next day on the 21st of May, at around 1:00 or so, I and Danu sir were to go up to take the Master down. Sangam Sherpa, the CEO of Himalayan Legend the Organiser of the Expedition, compelled us to go up despite of the fact that Master told us on the 20th of May that he would come down himself and not to worry about him at all. At this right moment, a familiar, soft and very lovely but quite startling voice came over the radio that we had: “Nirvanapath, Nirvanapath Base Camp! (Nirvanapath was our code-language for the team). At this moment in the Base Camp the anxiety was very big, as I was told later. WHERE is GuruHajur? Is he still alive? Is he really alive? That was the questions the most of the Base Camp Members were rehearsing with as I was enlightened later subsequent of my coming down the base camp on the 23rd of May. I carefully tried to listen to the message from SMG coz it was surely the voice of GuruHajur. Master says, “My meditation for all living creatures has just been completed. And I am in silent, still in Tapasya. I do not speak more. I am coming soon.”