Karma Sherpa - PART 3

Karma Sherpa - PART 3


A  Brief summary of the Words by Master:

I must care about all Nirvanik Yatrees and living creatures more and far more than myself. Whether I survive and die does not matter. But the essential point is that I have to sit in Tapasya anyhow for the all creatures on the Earth and on the other planets......GuruHajur pauses at this point - and again he is with the immense tears coming down from the innocent and selfless eyes towards his neck. Wow! I could not hold my tears too.


Finally, we start setting up the Tent

The Tent is set up a bit sometimes later but it is not good set up; but what could we do? We are helpless! Danuru sir’s hands are not moving; I think he may have suffered from some sort of frostbiting sensation or so. My hands are gone cold beyond I can explain. I start hitting my hands each other so that the frostbiting does not happen easily.


In about 45 minutes or so, the Tent has taken its fairly good shape but incomplete. Danuru sir again starts requesting master that we come down together: GuruHajur hami jaunai, aba yati chhitto samaya vitra hatharu yasto awasthama pugchhan vane yaha 27 ghanta basdako awasthama kasto hunchha ? GuruHajur hami jaun. Hamile socheko thiyou ki awastha yati naramro hundaina vanera, tara yasto vayo, yasartha hamile sabaikura tayarima ayeko thiyou. Tara aba ke garnu sorry GuruHajur. Jauh hami!


GuruHajur, let us go down. In a matter of minutes if the condition of hands and toes did become  like this, what would happen in 27 hours? We thought that the situation is not such a great adverse as it is now thus we had prepared for all (referring to Tapasya). Sorry! But now what to do, Let us go down GuruHajur!


Of course, I was hopeless that GuruHajur agrees with Danuru sir after all he has already rejected the request for two times. GuruHajur says nothing but the tears is enormously coming down from the stained face.(GuruHajur’s face had become quite black and stained from so pure and white due to the reflection of the Sun, everybody else had more blackness on our face).


It was so emotional to watch GuruHajur cry! I could only glance once and automatically my face hides away from watching Guruhajur again. I really could not gather a courage looking at his face thereafter. And this feeling of frightened has continued for a quite long. No matter how terrible feeling it was on my fingers, I continued working while Danuru sir was immovable. He helped to tighten the ropes only for the Tent but other than that all the Tent-set-up was carried out by myself. May be, the reason that he was not much active could be the pain imposed on him by a wound he had gotten just above his Thai. Not to forget that GuruHajur himself too was involved in setting up the Tent. He especially, was very helpful to taking care of us. For example, when I was feeling total numbness on my fingers which means developing a chance of frostbiting, Master came to me and warmed my hands by rubbing them strongly. If GuruHajur did not do that I would have suffered from the frostbiting surely. GuruHajur did the same to Danuru Sir as well: warmed his hands by rubbing them.


Having received no sign of agreement from GuruHajur, Danuru Sir too gave up his hope being able to pursued Master to come down with us. Eventually the Tent is set up by now. Sad, extremely saddening moment of the truth has arrived: now we need to leave master alone. CM sir and Pasang Sir still were not in the scene. Danuru Sir already had said a couple of times that “they wouldn’t come.” In other words, they (CM and Pasang) will take the U - turn towards the base camp from the middle of the way.