Karma Sherpa - PART 2

Karma Sherpa - PART 2


Going back to the context:

After reaching the Top, Master starts praying. After he is done we remain there for about 15 to 20 minutes and head towards the place where we set up the Tent later. It is freezing cold. Hands are shaking and the mouths are not moving. Legs are trembling. We are experiencing tremendous challenges already even to save ourselves. My thinking is that “How can we set up the Tent for Guruhajur while we are in dangerous and critical situation already?” I and Danuru are so much in tense! Really, Really in Tense! At some points Danuru starts saying, GuruHajur hami pharkau! Hami sabai pharkau! Yaha bachne sthiti kahipani chhaina. Please guruhajur hami sabai pharkau.

Dear Master let us come down. Let us come down all. There is no chance of surviving here. Master let us go down.


Eager to See

  • I am eager to see what the GuruHajur’s response would be. If the response is yes, I will surely jump with the happiness and in the hope of saving myself, but if the answer is No--- what will happen -- is in the mystery?
  • Guruhajur with his soft and kind voice, “Sir, ma maphi chahanchhu, tara ma yaniki sansarbata arthat yahi himalbata bida hou ya banchou maile tapasya garnaiparchha.
  • Sir, forgive me, but I have to sit for the Tapasya in any case, does not matter whether I will survive or die right here.
  • Maile pahila nai vanisake jhhainMA yaha mero lagi aayeko haina tara sara hamro Nirvanik yatreeharuko lagi, sara manabjatikolagi, sara praniharuko lagi. Malai maph garnuhos, ma jasari hunchha 27 ghanta tapasya garnaiparchha.
  • Like I said before, I am not here for the personal reason or name and fame, or for selfish reason for that matter but I am here for all Nirvanik travelers, for all humankind and for all living creatures. Please, forgive me but I have to sit for the Tapasya for 27 hours.
  • Maile patraharu lekhirakheko chhu hajurharulai sambhoddhan garera - base campma chha - jaha lekheko chhu ma kehi vaihaleko khandama mero HERO climbers sirharulai ekratipani dosh nadinuhola.
  • I have written some letters addressing your names. And these letters are at base camp where the words are written as follow: if something happens to me (death) do not impose even a slight blame on my HEROES.
  • Wahaharu saddhai HERO hunuhunchha Ra rahanuhunechha. Mero mirtue vaihaleko khandamapani alikata pani tesle wahaharuko Heroik panalai katai anch puraune chhaina.
  • They are  HEROES and they will be so forever no matter what. Even at the event of my departure from this world, it will not hamper even a slightest on their HEROIC status.
  • Sir, GuruHajur brings his tearful eyes towards me too, and says: Sir, please ma bholi kehikaranbas jharina vanepanee chinta nagarnuhosla? Sabailai, ma Nirvanama vetnechhu, ani sara pyaro Nirvanik yatreeharulai pani. Tara, banche vane ma pheri yahaharusanga rahanechhu. Sansarko santikolagi kam garnechhu. Dukhhiharuko lagi jiunechhu ra uniharukai lagi marnechhu.
  • Sir, If I go away, please do not worry. I will meet you all including my dear Yatrees in Nirvana. But If I survive and come down, I will be with you again. I will work for the world peace. I will live for all unfortunate ones and I will die for them.
  • Tara autakurama ma pheri ddhhukka parna chahanchhu ki ma sacchhainai jibit vayeranai pharkinechhu. Dhherai kam garnuchha ani banki chha.
  • But you know what, I want to ensure you that I will come down alive. We are to work a lot and many things have been waiting for us to get them done.