Kamal Sir (businessman)

Kamal Sir (businessman)



Kamal Sir (The businessman at Lobuchhe)


Kamal Sir :“Since Our GuruHajur stayed on the Top of the world for 32 and half hours, and did Tapasya for all for 27 hours, I want to give my horse to GuruHajur as a small token of appreciation.”


Master replies :“I don’t need any gift. Please, if you want to offer me a gift or if you want to appreciate what we have done, just be truthful, loving and joyful all the time. That will be the most precious gift ever anybody could offer me.”


Master :“The world peace begins from home, and peace at home begins itself by loving own family members. My purpose of working is to bring about the World peace; thus, if you want to offer me a gift just start loving your family.”


Kamal Sir : “If it is so I will do so, but could you kindly grant me a permission that my horse take you to Lukla?”


Master : “I appreciate your  kindness very much but I can walk myself perfectly fine and beside I do not want to ride on any kind of animal.”


Kamal sir : “The horse has been taking people to Lukla and bringing people from there for long time; the horse must feel blessed if you agree to ride on it.”


Master : “In order to accept your kindness, OK then, I will agree to ride on the horse but I will ride only and only sometimes for minutes or so on the way to Lukla. I will walk most of the time. And I will surely pray for the horse. May the horse be in peace for its lifetime.”