Indra Rai/ Benker Mummy

Indra Rai/ Benker Mummy


Experience of Indra Sir (Camp 2 Cook)


At Camp 2, I was somehow near the Main WAY, where I saw a person running down towards the Camp 1. The person was not walking normally but his speed was quite phenomenon and it was on the 21st of May at exactly 5:18 pm on my watch. I saw the person not wearing the down suit which is wore by the climbers on the Everest. But the person was in the jacket, the jacket that I was familiar with. I had seen such jacket at the base camp belonging to GuruHajur. It was sent to him by his Nirvanik Yatrees in the USA. Being familiar with the Jacket I wanted to call upon the person - saying GuruHajur!  But another time I thought, wow! I should not say so because GuruHajur should be coming but must not be such fast, I thought! But later I got to know that it was the Person - no one but himself ---- The Master.


Wow! Felt very lucky to have a glance of Master at that moment.


Thank you

Indra Rai,

Camp 2 Cook, in the Expedition: “Prayer, Meditation and Request for the World peace on the Top of the World by SMG.”