Indra Rai/ Benker Mummy

Indra Rai/ Benker Mummy


Experience of Indra Sir (Camp 2 Cook)


At Camp 2, I was somehow near the Main WAY, where I saw a person running down towards the Camp 1. The person was not walking normally but his speed was quite phenomenon and it was on the 21st of May at exactly 5:18 pm on my watch. I saw the person not wearing the down suit which is wore by the climbers on the Everest. But the person was in the jacket, the jacket that I was familiar with. I had seen such jacket at the base camp belonging to GuruHajur. It was sent to him by his Nirvanik Yatrees in the USA. Being familiar with the Jacket I wanted to call upon the person - saying GuruHajur!  But another time I thought, wow! I should not say so because GuruHajur should be coming but must not be such fast, I thought! But later I got to know that it was the Person - no one but himself ---- The Master.


Wow! Felt very lucky to have a glance of Master at that moment.


Thank you

Indra Rai,

Camp 2 Cook, in the Expedition: “Prayer, Meditation and Request for the World peace on the Top of the World by SMG.”



Experience of Benker Mum, Mummy Sherpa


“I know that GuruDev is truly Awatari Lama.”

“I have not heard throughout my life that somebody has stayed on the Top of the World for 32 and half hours. To stay there the power is needed. And, of course, no one but only Awatari Lama has such kind of Power.”