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हेभेन्ली/निर्वाणा पाथ नेपालको दोस्रो अधिवेशन सम्पन्न

  हेभेन्ली/निर्वाणा पाथ नेपालको छैटौं वार्ष्र्िक साधारणसभा एवम् दोस्रो अधिवेशन "रोग, भोक र सोक हटाऔँँ...

Historical First Lovism International Conference at Dharan Sunsari, Nepal

  On 10th September, 2011 Historical First Lovism International Conference was peacefully held at Deport ground, Dharan, Sunsari, Nepal by Heavenly/Nirvana Path Nepal on the occasion of Conquering the Mt. Everest and staying in tapasya (meditation) for 27 hrs during the enduring period of 32 hrs and 27 min on the top of the World by Supreme Master Godangel.     The chief...

Bike rally before "Lovism International Conference"

  On 9th September 2011, Bike Rally was organized by Heavenly Path Nepal and co-operated by HP Youth Nepal. The rally was started at 1 pm from Dharan Public High School ground and ended at Deport High School ground. Around 500 bikes were there in Bike Rally from Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari and Khambuwan. The main purpose of Bike Rally was to attract the attention of People towards Program as...