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PK. Sherpa (PART 8)

.............CONTINUED   Sadly, later on, I heard that three of them suffered from frostbite. It happened due to the following reasons: when I was coming down I felt quite heavy coldness. The wind was very strong in its flow towards the East site. It was too strong for us to stand still without the tight holding on to the rope. Despite of the fact of this wind, I could head my way down...

PK. Sherpa (PART 9)

..........CONTINUED   Right after seeing Master coming down, I packed my bag and ran in the hope of catching up with Master. But he was too quick. I could catch only the glance of him a couple of times running down towards the steep down. But then, I lost him totally. He vanished from the scene. Later on, I came down to Camp 2 and took rest there. And the next day, on 22nd of May,...