Experience of other teams

Experience of other teams

Experience of The Climbing Sherpas / Sangam Sir CEO the Himalayan Legend Trek. Pvt. Ltd. /and other many experienced Sherpas and knowledgeable people in the Himalayan Field.


  Experience of England Travellers

“We have never seen such a kind and simple Spiritual Master. Upon seeing him we have forgotten our all tiredness.”

“We heard about Master in England but never had a chance to meet him yet. Wow! We are blessed today.” 


Experience of Japanese Travellers

“Although we have been unfortunate for so long for not visiting Master while in Japan, we will be honoured to see him next time in the country we were born.”


 Experience of American Travellers

“We feel very privileged to be sanctified by Master today. We have seen him on Internet before, but this is the first time today, we are infinitely blessed to see him physically.”


Experience of Angten Sherpa

“Master is very kind. I am (a tourist bags carrier) a simple porter from a very poor family. Master promised me to bring me down to Kathmandu and send me to an English Teaching Institute. I am here in Kathmandu now enjoying the promise and Kindness of Master.”


Experience of Pasang Sherpa an Old Man who have been renovating the WAY for long from its Ruined condition

“I believe I would reach the Nirvana for I saw the true Awatari Lama. If he is not the Awatari Lama how could he be possibly on the Top of the World for such a long time: nearly 33 hours?”