April 8

April 8





At the starting of the program, group prayer was done for best wishes for Supreme Master along with his crew for the expedition. The prayer was led by Rejoien guru. SMG arrived soon after the prayer and all yatris welcomed his holiness. The president of central committee, Khemhang Maden, on behalf of all yatries, presented a basket of flowers to SMG wishing all the very best for the expedition followed by bhajan mandali singing "Subhakamana." Supreme Master Godangel signed a minute book where only the climbers' names are registered.


His holiness SMG enlightened us on the topic of Health. All yatris were suggested to avoid bad food habits and embrace healthy food habits. Supreme Master further advised all not to worry about His Holiness.


SMG wants us to be free from diseases and live a long life spreading the message of Lovism all over the world. SMG said, "I love you all. I am always with you." Furthermore, Guruhazur told us to give importance to Happiness, to enjoy and appreciate the nature, do good things which bring happiness to all. His holiness said, "I want you all to be happy. We have enough philosophy. So carry out your duty sincerely. Question yourself what can I do? What should I do? We should be dutiful.” According to Master, “we all have Sorrow and Pain. But in what way we take it? Remember that sorrow and pain are universal. So take it with ease and pleasure. Swarga yatries are those who step ahead with happiness though they have sorrow, pain and problems.”  Even Master has difficulties, problems, sorrow and pain. But he takes it with pleasure.


SMG said that he will be writing books on the way during expedition. At last Master ended up saying," Sorrow and suffering is my friend."


At the end of the program Rejoien guru requested to all yatries to stay in silence, speak truth and politely, have good/healthy foods and pray for Guruhajur and his crew by lighting three Diyos with three Kalash during the expedition. After farewell prayer, the program ended.