Central Meeting of Heavenly/Nirvana Path Nepal


On 3rd April, 2011 the central meeting of Heavenly/Nirvana Path Nepal was held at Semichong Bhavan, Baneshwar at the presence of Supreme Master Godangel. Central members, District representatives of sister organizations of Heavenly/Nirvana Path were also present including the Gurujans. The main agenda of the meeting was about the Everest Expedition. The President of HPO gave a brief explanation about the Expedition program. He also notified that the date of expedition is postponed to 9th April 2011 due to some special reasons. Discussion was done on different agendas. After discussion, some of the agendas have been approved.

The meeting began at 1:30 pm. At first, all the member from different districts such as Illam, Dhankuta, Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa, Udaipur, Kaavre, Chitwan, Sindhuli, Khotang, Bhojpur, Sankhua sabha, Raamechap and Kathmandu briefed about the situation at their districts.

Heavenly Path Women Nepal announced that they will be operating two buses connecting Kakarvitta to Kathmandu in the nearest future.

SMG gave blessing speech in the meeting. Supreme Master said that "Sometimes I feel like time has kept us in prison. At this time I was thinking of meeting everyone but it's not possible as I'm always engaged with work. I have no time".  He reminded that time is very precious to everyone. The time once gone is gone. It can't come back. So we should always value the time. SMG added that yaatris are those who fulfill their duty honestly. As being yaatris, all of us know that we have huge responsibilities to the world as a whole. Master also said that this is going to be one of the historical meetings which have never been before. Master gave thanks to all the yaatris for their contribution which made the plan of the expedition come true. Master declared that he will be hoisting the flag of UNO, National Flag, and Heavenly Path/Nirvana Path Flag on the top of the Peak. He added that Nirvana Path is like an umbrella under which all religion is included.

Guruhazur announced that different books will be published soon in various languages like Rai, Limbu, Magar, tamang, etc. The book will be published under the responsibility of Guru Circle; coordination of Reijoin Guru. Master also stated that serial speech is also going to start soon. Philosophy of Nirvana

Path is very strong. Lovism is the only way to bring peace in the world. Nirvana Path is a revolutionary philosophy, which is why though people understand the philosophy; they are not ready to accept it. In this era whoever spreads the true philosophy is blamed. Truth is always bitter and people don't accept such things.

The following agenda was approved in the meeting.

Aamasha training in the following locations:

Pokhara, Baghlung, Butwal, Baanke/Nepalganj, Surkhet/Birendranagar, Chitwan and Bara -pathlaiya.

Lastly, the President of HPO explained how to carry out the approved agenda.