Angnima Sherpa (Icefall Doctor)

Angnima Sherpa (Icefall Doctor)


Experience of Angnima Sherpa, The head of the Icefall Doctors


It is believed that the main Icefall doctors knows exactly when and what time the certain ice will be broken. He is regarded as the Extreme Expert on the ICEFALLS.  


“I started working as an Icefall Dr. from 1970;  Neither had I heard nor have I seen prior to my career started and till today any spiritual Master having been on the Top of the world. GuruDev You are the first Spiritual Master to place the foot on the Top of the World.”


“I think nobody could, in the future, perform such miraculous Tapasya for 27 hours on the Top of the world and stayed up there for 32 hours and 27 minutes.”


 “I respect you GuruDev for your self-sacrificing and noble Tapasya on the Top of the World.”


“Please give me more strength and years of life so that I can work in stronger way.”


“I think GuruHajur is Buddha himself.”


“GuruDev while you were on the Top of the World we prayed for you. We knew that you were on the Top whole night and day by Expedition assistants at the base camp.”